The Safe & Humane Jails Project

The Safe and Human Jails Project, funded through an IOLTA grant, will investigate and potentially litigate the following issues that arise out of North Carolina Jails: use of excessive force; failure to protect from risk of serious injury; unsafe, inhumane, overcrowded conditions; or indifference to or serious neglect of mental health or medical care.

If you are seeking further information about a friend or family member who is incarcerated in a jail facility, you may direct them to write the Safe and Humane Jails Project at NCPLS with details of the issues they are facing.  While the Safe and Human Jails Project may not be able to assist you directly, we are interested in hearing about your situation and are keeping track of trending issues that arise out of jails in North Carolina. 

You may also direct the inmate to write to the state agency that monitors jail conditions and enforces state laws governing jails. However, please keep in mind that the Division of Service Regulations cannot provide legal advice and will not advocate on your behalf.  Writing them will only serve to inform them of your problem. Direct your letter to the attention of:

Jail and Detention Section, Division of Service Regulations
Department of Health and Human Services
2710 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2710